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How much does radio advertising cost in Vancouver?

The cost of radio advertising in Vancouver varies by station. Advertising recommendations and plans are custom built for each advertiser. To get an idea of what a Vancouver radio advertising campaign would look like for your business, use the Radio Plan Builder. Radio commercials cost $30 to $180 per commercial, depending on the radio station. Visitors to this website get exclusive discounted advertising rates. Contact me to receive the details.

How many people are buying my product in my local area?

Use the Local Buyer Calculator to find out how many people are buying your product in your area in the next month. You’ll also get your market share. Knowing the market is the first step in growing your business through advertising

How much do you profit from each customer?

What is a customer actually worth to your business? Knowing this number is crucial to business growth. Use the Customer Profit Calculator to find specifics for your business.

How can you get better results from your advertising?

Watch the short video above to learn 2 techniques that you can use to immediately to increase the effectiveness of your current advertising. Whether you use print, TV, digital or radio advertising, this video will help you.

How much should you budget for advertising?

There are a few common techniques and formulas that are used to set an advertising budget. Some of the most used techniques are in this article. (Article: How to set an advertising budget)If you’d like to see what your budget would get on our radio stations, use the Radio Plan Builder.

Why should radio advertising be included in your plan?

Radio makes your business the default solution through frequency and targeted consistency. By selecting radio stations that match your potential customers lifestyle, you can talk to audiences that will need your product. Through relatively low per spot cost, you’ll get the frequency to put your business on The MindShelf of your potential customers.

Can you track radio advertising?

Yes. Many advertisers are starting to use unique URL’s (website domain names) to track their radio advertising. For example, if I sell motorcycles, I could register and use my radio ads to drive traffic to that website. You could use Google Analytics to get an exact number of how many people radio drove to your website. Read my article to get more ideas on how to track your advertising. (Article: How to track your advertising)

Is radio advertising right for your industry?

If you have sales people, radio advertising is right for your industry. Each radio commercial is like a cold call to hundreds of thousands of people. Radio can make your business the default solution for potential customers when life turns them from a listener to a buyer. (Article: Is radio right for you industry?)

Why do you advertise?

There are two types of radio advertising campaigns.

1) Tactical – i.e. advertising specific sales or events. Success is directly related to the quality and timing of your offer.

2) Branding – i.e. putting your business on the MindShelf. Success is directly related to the consistency of your message.

What information will you get from this website?

You will learn ideas that will increase the effectiveness of your current advertising, rough cost of radio advertising in Vancouver and how radio works. Plus, the best part is that you’ll also receive discounted radio advertising rates only available to visitors of this website. Contact me to get the details.

What radio station advertising options are included on this site?

NEWS1130 advertising rates and ideas

JACKFM advertising rates and ideas

Sonic advertising rates and ideas

Do Rogers Vancouver radio stations reach your potential customers?

NEWS1130 reaches a very affluent audience

As Vancouver’s only all news radio station, NEWS1130 is one of the best options for business to business advertising.

96.9 Jack FM reaches adults who are in transition

The typical Jack FM listener has young children and is just entering their earning prime.

Kiss reaches young adults who are socially connected

Kiss is the home of Kid Carson and is one of Vancouver’s fastest rising radio stations.

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